4 tips to create a more friendly working environment.

Maggie Olore
3 min readSep 24, 2021


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I am a communication personnel at an automobile company and also manage their social media pages. I got this job immediately after campus which is at times hard for people to get employed once they finish university. There are people who toil day and night writing application letters, buy data bundles just to submit their form only for the employer to decline the application. With empty stomachs only to be denied premise by the security guard. Not being employed has caused a lot of affliction in their lives, they become familiar with denial and rejections.

I love my job, it is not the first I have been hustling with life by volunteering, to make ends meet. This has given me a whole lot of experience that has enabled me to learn communication skills and how to relate with fellow employees.

Normally in companies, organizations, and any workplaces, there are always loggerheads and conflicts that happen such as discrimination among different genders, personability-based conflict, where we find someone’s personality distasteful. Sometimes with your boss because of unfinished tasks, other times with your colleagues, and most times with yourself.

These conflicts happen in life and are caused by lack of or poor communication and the workplace is no different. Misunderstandings,cold-mindedness, and passive-aggressive behavior all contribute to conflicts.

When resolved properly, conflicts can lead to better ideas, understandings, and creating a more friendly working environment if these tips are followed.

  1. Have a personal relationship with yourself. The relationship you share with yourself is very crucial for your well-being, you should always be kind to yourself, sometimes things don’t work your way to extend of wanting to give up, cry but don’t curse life, what you do is tell yourself that “relax, you can do it” you have come a long way. The good personal relationship you develop within yourself has will enable you to be kind not only to yourself but to others.

2. Build good communication skills with yourself and your colleagues. There were incidents where my colleagues in the sales department misquoted me, our boss implemented a new system in the company, that is the mobile printer to ease their work in receipt issuing. This is meant to bridge the gap and give transparency between the Company and its customers with the actual sales price. To me, this was a good initiative that will sell the company out there but little did I know that these colleagues were not happy with the new system.

I always believe Change starts within yourself and your mindset, unfortunately, they were not ready for a shift from analog to digital. As a result of this, they got upset with me claiming I was the brain behind this new system, I was surprised, all I want in life is a good relationship with fellows.

I sat them down and explained A, B, C little did I know that as we talked about the system than they felt relieved, their body language improved and we were in harmony. This made me realize that good communication does not only make you confident and assertive, it also ensures that everyone around understands you and you understand them.

3. Having Integrity, respecting others' opinions should be your goal. I always put integrity first in everything I do including work, you have to try as much as possible not to be caught in dubious deals, this will earn you not only respect but trust. Knowing what you want in life will help you build a more friendly environment to work in, you will always stand for what is right, ensure that there are no errors and if there are any, then it has to be discussed honestly and respectfully.

4. Finally, on your job, what is your job in the Company, I am a communication person, This means there has to be uniform communication with the staff and company, in case of any miscommunication, then the air has to be cleared out.

I know there are hurdles you are encountering in your workplace, dirty politics being played or even in life, just try to follow the above tips, I believe it will work for you.



Maggie Olore

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