Christmas Day 2021 in Uganda.

“learn how to Forgive,” Christmas Day Message 2021 in Uganda.

The Anglican Reverend of all Saint Church, Kyambande David, has urged his flock to forgive , love and embrace peace among one another.

While leading a Christmas Day prayer at all Saints Church Kawempe Division attended by hundreds of Christians, the Reverend further emphasized to the masses not to live in fear and start the New year with happiness and peace.

He also appealed for support in the completion of paying the Church house loan which is 60 billion Ugandan Shillings.

The SOP’s we’re observed in the church as Christians sat two metres away from each other, to manage the omicron.

Hope is Born, Merry Christmas.

A lion waiting to ambush his prey. Google Photo/Zoo Berlin

oh, the road to an everlasting peace; leveraging the power of youth for change as a loin hiding behind the bushes waiting in ambush.

I come in peace to lead for I hunger no blood nor flesh. One day, I want to lead. I want to lead a nation wherein is freedom, democracy, and peace.

In peace, I will both lie down and sleep watching shimmer beam on the faces of children.

Gleaming forth from their distressful souls.

I come in peace;

Like the migratory birds from far-off lands coming to my pristine water bodies and green valleys for food and breeding while enjoying life on a road to everlasting peace.

I am just a writer who comes in peaceful peace!

I was telling my other self that, "I think you haven't found
the ONE."

That's why you're never content around them
My other self said, "learn to explore
until you find your true self"
I openly told my other self that,


and the Mysterious self said;

when you have all these men
and women
in your inbox.
that was true,
in my inbox


Not in my life.
How funny life is?
the mysterious soul later said,
maybe make yourself available to "live."
drown into life,

let the spirit cuddle you with-in the waters~~
My mysterious self continued....

let your soul rest in
the embrace of the unknown.

For you are his and
he is yours!

The ONE and ONLY God!!

For we find ourselves and
the Mystery of life in His Embrace.

Maggie Writes

A Traveller’s Night Wish sitting next to two lovers!!

Photo of Maggie Writes

A feeling of love filled his heart on his towering journey
in the outskirt of a dark long highway

The feeling was warm, calm and slowly he was lost in his thoughts
The wish to pleasure died…

Sometimes as a growing writer, I fail to add up ideas together, I even get scared of what I write, or how where when in the world did I get those ideas from, if it ever causes an impact on the audience who read, I wonder to whom the ideas…

Photo of Barbra and Maggie

Yeah………we all have the inner thoughts in us of commitment or dismay. It exists only the inner thoughts that are occasionally heard loud.

My, I and my girl had a little chat about her boyfriend and we realized that we had the same thoughts. We both have been in two…

Maggie in 2019 at the University

Dreaming high beyond darkness.Sparked by light but not shaken. Blown up by modernization but ready to withstand the fear. looking stranded in the middle of a desert . Having no call for help but the mind is filled with hopes and light after darkness.

Sitting in the middle of thousand…

Maggie Olore

Fourth year student of Journalism and Communication at Makerere university. I am a passionate writer who loves telling her thoughts through Writing.

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