A Traveller’s Night Wish sitting next to two lovers!!

Photo of Maggie Writes

A feeling of love filled his heart on his towering journey
in the outskirt of a dark long highway

The feeling was warm, calm and slowly he was lost in his thoughts
The wish to pleasure died his soul in the journey,
he wished to hold her, touch and south her tender body
to the moon and back

He wished to have her here, sitting beside him , perhaps wispher
the rymes and rhythms of the late Micheal Jackson. ..." Love is magical, this is how I feel...When am with youuuuu....Speechless, Speechless...." RIP MJ

If only could his gaze travel over her body from head to toe,
And her eyes in return hood with desire.
He wished to hear the fierce pound of her heart.

Alone at night and frighten,
he wished to press his body intimately into hers,
holding her down with his hips while ;
his lips claimed hers with a kiss

He wished in prayer while the cold wither his soul if only she is here,
his tongue would sleep across her lips as she withers beneath his warm arms
Creating sweet friction that would cause a groan deep in the throat, yes he wished.

He wished the whole night to explore her body with his hands, lips and tongue.
He savoured the feel and smell of her skin complexion.

The long drive in the lone night in the outskirts of Kampala,
he wished to slide his hands between her smooth thighs and hear her cry with pleasure as he touches sensitive, aching flesh.....

Travelling is a sweet emotion!!!

Till we meet again

Maggie Writes



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