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For life

For breathe

For water

For earth

For Day

For Night

For Limbs

For Vision

For Movement

For yourself, for who you are, for your mind, for your soul, for your grip.

We human beings will never be at peace;We forget the 364 good days with just 1 bad day.

We will create an impression that never last long to impress someone whom we have never known or have an idea about,and often on knowing someone,your heart melts with deceit that he-trade blinds the good in their life shine.

You will never know somebody completely or 100%.Even our own parents don’t know us that much because we are different human beings whose emotions only make them explore oneself in a dynamic way that the earth can never tell what their Journey are but only Time does when they were born and when they will die.

Today you are rich,with abundant wealth, tomorrow you are poor with biting poverty that you can neither afford shelter nor food to put on your plate to fend for your stomach.You don’t need to end your life.It is a situational environment that only the sacred World knows how you will get through it.

Today you are happy,tomorrow you are sad,because you explored portions of yourself everyday ,and an emotions is the discovery of your exploration.

We have divided this World into Hierarchies,when we’re all born equal,we democratizes ourselves in a system we live as Formats of life and not life as a whole .

If you ever lived a life as a whole,you would have co-existed creation of the Universe.You are drawn into work to add a penny into your pocket,to have a self feeling of engaging and keeping yourself busy and gaining materialistic needs such as house,car and endless list..which are temporary just like you.

The true gift is the universe bestowing intangible joy to the soul.Its the orgasm that you would never experience in you’re climbing the hierarchical ladder; “The sun is a daily reminder that we too can Rise again”.

I wish you some fresh air,some sun,some moon,some rain,some oceans and sea.some earth ,that you walk barefoot,stare into nowhere and close your eyes and Imagine….

Grateful Feeling Tuesday .



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Maggie Olore

Maggie Olore

Fourth year student of Journalism and Communication at Makerere university. I am a passionate writer who loves telling her thoughts through Writing.