Christmas Day 2021 in Uganda.

“learn how to Forgive,” Christmas Day Message 2021 in Uganda.

The Anglican Reverend of all Saint Church, Kyambande David, has urged his flock to forgive , love and embrace peace among one another.

While leading a Christmas Day prayer at all Saints Church Kawempe Division attended by hundreds of Christians, the Reverend further emphasized to the masses not to live in fear and start the New year with happiness and peace.

He also appealed for support in the completion of paying the Church house loan which is 60 billion Ugandan Shillings.

The SOP’s we’re observed in the church as Christians sat two metres away from each other, to manage the omicron.



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Maggie Olore

Maggie Olore


Fourth year student of Journalism and Communication at Makerere university. I am a passionate writer who loves telling her thoughts through Writing.