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Everything seemed real, she could tell that it was love, she felt his taste and delicacy and she savored him bit by bit by bit ,she knew he was her better half. Like the innocence of a newly born baby was his appearance. Her heart melted, he was the one, everything about him was perfect, the height, the skin color, the sense of fashion, how he spoke, his scent! oh my God. Where had he been? she kept murmuring these questions to herself.

She was his priority, every time, he feels he should be around her, If she only sups a little at a time, just enough to whet her taste. If she keeps her hunger sharp enough to appreciate, but never to devour whole. She gave him the chance, she enjoys every single moment they share, she could feel his happiness, his pain and every single attribute of his life, something which made them feel more connected was their 24/7 communication. They never at any single time got tired of communicating to each other, yes she was hungry for love.

She was shining, winning because she believed that he was the reason of her soaring to greater heights, that sounds ridiculous but yes! we all be in that….

Everything he told her , she believed him, she never doubted any word he spoke, because words from his lips sounded like sweet honey that you could not resist tasting. She recalls opening herself and expressing her true feelings for him, her heart was so heavy and she felt this should not last longer.

People come into your lives so possessed to get what they want and then walk away from your life, it just happens that when you imagine to be in love with that someone, than when they are no longer part of you. Take the loss. Take the teasing. Take it before it’s rescinded, or before he grows tired of the game, or before they both wake up and realize that this isn’t reality.

When we open ourselves, you to me and me to you, when we immerse ourselves, you in me and me in you, when we forget, you in me and me in you. Only then I am me and you are you.

He was lying to her, he was married, he had a family, but never told her, yes, he wanted sex, he was starving , he needed it more , he was hungry for sex while she was hungry hungry for love.

All we did was to fuck, he told her,
I think of you as my love, she replied
It’s just killing me…..
Why’d you have to leave…..

All these memories weren’t reality, It was Deception.



Fourth year student of Journalism and Communication at Makerere university. I am a passionate writer who loves telling her thoughts through Writing.

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