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Love isn’t a rocket science for unforgivable Relationship.

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Her face is above the clouds, the feet can’t touch the ground, it feels like for a moment, a bucket of tears ran down her chin, she remained in love Acoma. They had planned this for close to 2 months, They needed each other, the anguish of longing for each other for a long 3 months was a dream that didn’t come true.

One Saturday in the one Easter season, Taylor Aiello boarded a Mini van commonly know as a taxi to a town called Tororo, in that town, stands a beautiful rock with a long pointed peak with green grid thick sceneries, When one stands kilometers away, they can view the peak of the Rock. The Town is also gifted with a conk concrete limestone from the rocks which are concoct into the great Tororo cement.

In the telephone conversation, she told him , his love kept her love stuck, so stuck that she will be traveling tonight, and he was okay with it. In her little small brain, was the excitement of falling in his huge warm arms, she needed the tight hug she always watched in movies.

The journey was long, Taylor kept whispering to the wind , when is the journey ending, she misses him already before glancing at him. she can so imagine herself laying next to him in bed, as he ceases over her beautiful body, listening to his heart beat and hearing his deep ,scratchy voice.

Maybe if she closes her eyes , they can re-imagine a vision of him and her again.

It’s a disappointment that made our relationship stronger.

Leo Otieno is a young vibrant handsome Uganda Revenue official who works at the customs . He is a humble dude who gets all he desires, knows what he wants, when he dates girl allows her do all she wants, has no restrictions on her that every lady dreams of having him as a partner .But every time he looked at Taylor, he saw a potential wife…. she was hardworking, beautiful, intelligent ,genius and above all heaven sent.

I haven’t come back, we shall leave the function late and it is hard for me to leave here without my colleges to come and meet you, the place where the function is held is far from Town deep in the village, was the reply on the last text they made.

For her, this reply made her drift, she was slowly drifting away, wave after wave, storm after storm, where in the dark could she go?. The clouds are already dark, threatening to rain with striking thunder and lightening. Taylor was there for love, not material gain.

After the long Journey, she arrived in that beautiful town, amidst the awkward middle of the night, it was cold, the streets were quiet with only long moving trailers flashing their lights which she thought were the scarce security lights. How will a girl like her start wondering in the streets. she is in the valley of shadow and death. Where will she go? Whom will she call?

Once in a while, something happens that makes us lose our equilibrium in life, leaving us with more questions than answers. We question our character, our self-imposed beliefs, our love ,trust and our ability to make proper decisions. I question his love for me, what does he take me for? Huh!!!! It a tough spot to be in, wrong decisions can be made.

For her , this relationship was leading them no where, the road to them getting married is narrow even a needle barely enters into it. It was coming to an end.

As humans, we have this terrible habit -to hurt others. Most often it’s not intentional. But when it happens, it creates a gap in the relationship.

If he loves you, he will beg you to stay and doesn’t let you go , always takes you as a first priority because love wins and is part of us, and to everyone who applies it, can mend the broken relationship and protect it from falling apart.

The use of a gentle approach and saying “I am Sorry, please forgive me my love!” is every key in a relationship. For example Leo disappointed Taylor , his actions broken her down, she saw no meaning in staying with someone who doesn’t value her or the relationship, because Leo realized his mistake, he had to approach her and apologize, his apology brought joy, love and happiness into Taylor, she loved him more, this was like an iceberg.

In a nutshell, It is always important and very humane of us to disappoint our loved ones, but the most importance is how remorseful are you, saying sorry to some who hurt is so awesome, it ceases the anger and pain, it’s one of the signs of a healthy relationship signs of healthy relationships.

NB: Say sorry is key to a successful relationship.

Acknowledge what you have done. This alone brings a new life in the relationship you have. When Leo acknowledged his mistake, it eased the whole tension that nearly saw his love drown away. Acknowledging the pain of emotions helps bridge the gap in a broken relationship or the relationship which is in the edge of falling apart.

Applicability, tell your partner that you have wronged them and would love to mend the wound caused ,this will give you an opportunity to hear from them and what they have inside their hearts. Listen closely to their emotions and appreciate their feelings.

Emphasize how much you love her straight into her eyes. For Taylor, this helped in healing, Leo emphasized the bond they share and he wouldn’t think of losing her in a blink, looking straight into her eyes confirmed her thoughts and all questions that were running in her mind.

Love is an important instrument in our day to day life system, one can not live without love, because with love, everything around us is beautiful. In situations when you hurt your loved one, talk them and let them know how much you love them, this will heal the wounds.

Ask what they need. It’s always key to ask someone what they need. She wanted to be asked this question, she wants to air out her need, under all it hurts, there is a need. When Taylor says, “ I feel disappointed in you, you have hurt me “ this means that there is need that has been hurt, when you emphasize and asked questions, you’ll find a need. For her, this made her love grow more stronger for Leo

No healing conversation is complete until we hear what the other person’s needs. When we ask what is needed, we open the pathway to resolving the problems and a healthy and strong relationship.

Learn from your bad behavior. We all at one point in life, done mistakes but one ought to learn from it. For Leo must have learnt from his action and Taylor believes he will not ever think of disappointing her again, because he would have lost her. The moment of telling Leo of his actions really made her feel good, she offloaded a heavy load in heart, and this brought their love relationship to blossom .

Even though you can’t change what you’ve done, you certainly can learn from it. Instead of lamenting your past, walk away from it with a tough but valuable lesson. Learn from the mistake and be willing to better yourself.




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