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2 min readMay 20, 2021


Maggie in 2019 at the University

Dreaming high beyond darkness.Sparked by light but not shaken. Blown up by modernization but ready to withstand the fear. looking stranded in the middle of a desert . Having no call for help but the mind is filled with hopes and light after darkness.

Sitting in the middle of thousand of students under a white framed tent, primed with joy, my first level of schooling is done, the course works are done, early morning rise to read a paragraph wasn’t a waste of time. The hard work has paid off, it is finally here.

At the moment, I am a graduatant. Guess where? At the might Ivory Tower, Makerere University .It is miraculous journey of my life to tell. Not an easy road but a struggle filled with ups and downs.

From the moment I put a foot on the soils of Makerere University, I unlocked my thinking and understanding of the Education system in higher institutions of learning.

Approaching the University with fear, raised in a deep village with no chance of luxurious Urban life, never have I had a life in light. Spending my entire 13 years in boarding schools and village, made me an amateur of life beyond Village setting but Makerere University became a mother of light as I joined. The exposure to Urban life was out of context .

It was just fear which I overcame with extremely positive attitudes. Excited to face this whole new journey but there was always a yearning to achieve the next level in success, excelling, happiness, wealth, health, and most importantly, gratitude.

Everyone dreams big, some dreams are left on the hug when not pursued and never becomes a reality, but here is my reality, Innocence walk of a Village star to a Bachelor Degree in Journalism and Communication.

The cap , the gown, the robes and crown are symbols of a graduate being worn. All just titles of today and like mists in the morning sun.

The hills are long and steep to climb, but that wouldn’t be a setback to your success, rather a lead to success hence reaching this great achievement.

Yes, I have achieved ,Yes, I have graduated. Yes, it is a win!!

It was a milestone!

Maggie in 2021 during her Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations for this Achievement!

“Graduation is a conclusion of one chapter and a beginning of another” Catherine Pulsifer.



Maggie Olore

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